Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Portland Surf Trip

I managed to steal a weekend away from the three jobs I currently have for a surf trip with the boys. It was one of those things that none of us really believed would happen but each of us said yes and in the end that's all it took, sometimes that's all it takes for things that you never thought would happen to happen.

The problem with documenting a surf trip for me is always the same, I want to surf and though very little apart from surfing and searching for surf actually happens there seems so little time to document. Looking for surf is a full time job, it's an addiction that is all consuming. In three days we drove 1200 kms looking for spots to surf, following the swell, watching the wind and searching for breaks. Once waves are found then everything happens very quickly, wetsuits pulled on, cars locked up and then you're in the water, theres no delay and so very few shots, it's an obsession.

I pulled out my iphone and took some snaps on the last day, Anzac day. You get a sense of the time waiting & watching the waters.

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